Thursday, 6 October 2011

Sweet & Spicy Adventure

Food For Everyone

Hi Everyone! I am Shaily and this food blog is for everything delicious – and all the real life stories, passion, surprises and indulgence that come with it. This blog is dedicated to all the recipes, and anything else that will make you go yum!  How I felt in love with food? Well, that is hard to evoke, all I recall is that when I first started to notice what I ate.....and when it seduced me. I grew curious about different techniques and preparation of cooking wide variety of food. Soon I bestowed pleasure and delight to those I fed. At some point in my life, I committed to love for cooking food. And now there’s no turning back.

Nutrition comes First:
Eating Healthy and Fresh is the concern of many these days. People resort to cook at home to make sure that they serve nutritious and fresh food to their loved ones aside from preservant induced, costly food at eatery or home delivered.

Cooking Elements:
One can cook wonderful tasty food only if he/she is stress free and comfortable in their kitchen. It doesn’t necessarily mean complete and colourful array of modern tools, equipments and gadgets in the kitchen. All it need is essential elements and garnish. Have you ever asked yourself why the garnishing is important? Simple, because first we see food with eyes, then smell the aroma with nose and then we taste by tounge. Yummy!!

Share your Food:
Food should be shared with everyone and so should the recipes.  My Mom  says cooking doesn’t finish after “cooking” , it gets completed only after you serve the cooked food with a smile.  It is true, which ever dish it is, serve it with a smiling face to add extra aroma to your food.

I invite everyone with an open heart to my blogs for some "Sweet & Spicy Adventure" !